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Market Wether Information
The Market Wethers Primer
The Basics
Selecting A Market Wether
Parts of a Market Goat
Nutrition & Health Care
Preparing to Show
Commandments for Showing
Star of Texas

Management Tools
Sly Banding Horns on older kids
Hoof Trimming Basics
Goat Judging Terminology
A Parasite Primer
Does my goat have worms?
Folded Ears in Boer Goats
Successfully Tattooing Goats
Inexpensively Made Feeders
Judging a Goats Age by its Teeth
How to build a creep feeder
Calculating Dairy Goat's Weight
Dogs for Goat Owners

The Medicine Chest
What, When, & How of Medications
Sending a Safe Product to Market
Althemintics for Goats
Types of Drugs for Livestock
Medical Abbreviations and Values
Vaccines for Goat Producers
Anti-Inflamitory Drugs
Nutritional and Metabolic Supplements
Basic First Aid Kit
SALE Grand & Reserve

Medical Information
Innereds Treating Pinkeye in goats
Poliomyelitis (Thiamin Deficiency) in Goats
FKS - Floppy Kid Syndrone
Tube Feeding Kids
Saving A Chilled Down Kid
Pregnancy Toxemia and Ketosis
Urinary Calculi

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2017 Show Pics
BAR NONE Double Tap

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